Painted Desert, 2007

A brief timeline and description.

ENG 110: Research and Rhetoric: Missouri State University 2016-2018
This is the base FYC course at Missouri State, with a prerequisite of either ENG 101 (Basic Writing) or a sufficient testing score upon entering the university. The course is taught by the MA students in the English Department and focuses on rhetoric, argumentation and research. Each year, the cohort of master’s students create the course text, which is a reading primer composed of articles and literature focusing on the University’s mission. My first year at Missouri State, the University’s theme was “Self-governance” and the second year it was “Sustainability.” The course is built around an alternating schedule of lecture and class discussion. Each TA taught two sections, of between 22-25 students, each semester.

ENG 203: Introduction to Poetry Writing: Missouri State University 2017-2018
This is the beginning poetry writing course at Missouri State University, with a prerequisite of successful completion of ENG 110. Students are typically freshman or sophomores, and most are not majoring in English, but rather have an interest in poetry writing and poetry appreciation. My section was an online course that I built myself. The course had a primary focus on poetical craft, with students learning various techniques and applying them to their own writing, first through imitation, then through fixed form, and finally to free-verse.

ENG 562/662: Contemporary American Poetry: Missouri State University 2018, 2020
This is a split graduate/undergraduate literature course. I taught this course the summer after graduating and will continue to do so each summer, alongside a tenured professor. This is a rather sophisticated online course that I built myself and has now become the standard model for the university. The course teaches contemporary American poetry, beginning with the New Critical movement and progressing into the early 2010’s. Lectures and discussions between myself and the professor were recorded and focused on one poetical movement each week. Through readings, discussion, and short essay, students explore a wide range of poetical movements, from the New York School, to the San Francisco Renaissance, to the Black Arts and Deep Image movements. Students are graded on participation in weekly discussions, as well as mid-term essay and seminar paper at the end of the semester.

ENG 102: College Writing and Research: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee 2019
This is the base first-year composition course at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, with a prerequisite of either ENG 101 (Basic Writing) or a sufficient testing score upon entering the university. The course is built around rhetoric and research, with a primary mission that students gain an understanding how research is a rhetorical process. The second half of the semester involves independent research, with the final project being the creation of a public facing text that explores some issue or idea that affects the city of Milwaukee and its residents. The course is taught by MA and PhD students in the English Department, with each teaching two sections of between 20-24 students per semester.